Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A Time to Keep on the BBC

A Time to Keep - Video by Liz Musser
Here is a link to the project I just finished now on view on BBC online...

One of the flagship projects during this Year of Scotland’s Islands Culture is Fair Isle resident Lise Sinclair’s series of songs inspired by George Mackay Brown’s book, A Time to Keep. He was one of Scotland’s most prolific writers. Former George Mackay Brown Writing Fellow Pam Beasant says, “Although he is very much identified as an Orcadian, writing about Orkney, his writing appeals far beyond Orkney. He identifies the strengths and the difficulties of living in a closely-knit community and has a sharply observant eye for human kindnesses and failings, and is particularly sympathetic to those on the edge of any society.”

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  1. Nice job, Liz! hope to more from you guys..